Feeling Weighted Down?

Did you know that many of our foods now contain chemicals that can be stored in your fat cells? Processed foods contain preservatives, pesticides, additives, pollutants, heavy metals, and other environmental chemicals. Your body was not designed to detoxify all these toxins and so it will begin to store them within your fat cells. As these toxins accumulate, the body responds with symptoms of inflammation.

Are you experiencing digestive issues? A feeling of being bloated, acid indigestion, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and cramping can all be signs of insufficient digestive enzymes. If you aren’t digesting your food properly the chances are high that you are also storing toxins in your fat cells.

Are you feeling sluggish and tired? A toxic overload will overburden the body, compromise your immune system and drain your energy.

Are you staying well hydrated? Dehydration can also cause your body to store toxins. Drinking WATER is vital to helping to remove and flush toxins out of the body!

Are you staying active? The lymphatic system is a part of the detoxification process in the body. It only functions properly through physical activity. 
Inactivity can result in a stagnant lymphatic system. A stagnant lymph can become a toxic breeding ground for disease.

Are you supporting your liver? The liver is your body’s chemical factory. It helps to remove the toxins that the body is exposed to daily. When the liver becomes overwhelmed with more than it can process, the toxins find their way into the fat cells.

What can you do to help support the body and release these toxins stored in your fat cells?

1.Take digestive enzymes
2.Be physically active
3.Drink at least ten 8oz glasses of pure filtered water per day
4.Cleanse the liver

Once you have taken these steps you will find you have more energy, crave healthier foods and will begin to lose those unwanted pounds.

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